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Medical simulators and dolls

  • This 165 cm tall, full body and foam-filled lightweight manikin has joint mobility for easy positioning in all types of environments

  • This economical CPR manikin is constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam for a “human” feel

  • An anatomically correct pelvic model with full term newborn and placenta to give your trainees realistic practice in multiple techniques, and to learn the procedure for emergency childbirth

  • Designed by physicians for physicians and health care providers, this gynaecologic examination simulator combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynaecologic procedures as well as practice laparoscopic examination and minilaparotomy

  • Soft and floppy colon with airtight structure allows realistic colonoscope insertion and withdrawal training with air insufflation/suction functions and maneuver techniques which reduce patients’ pain and discomfort in the examination procedures

  • This manikin allows training of the extrication of a person from a pole top situation, confined spaces, collapsed buildings, smoky rooms and also ladder carry-down protocols

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