Due to our contacts and cooperation through the years with leading publishers and distributors all around Europe, as well as with libraries, bookstores and distributors in Bulgaria, we can help you with making lists of books and anatomical models, and delivering them to you, and even we can help you build a whole new library. You will be able to satisfy the need of your patrons and offer them the latest science titles in all areas of knowledge.

Since 2013 Level Up Ltd. is an active member of Bulgarian Library and Information Association. We are working on modernizing the library funds, offering the latest science titles in every format.

Working with us will bring you benefits, among which are:

  • Access to the latest discoveries in different scientific fields.
  • Access to a constantly expanding catalogue from online materials in the areas that are of interest to you.
  • Different and evolving services for you and your clients.
  • Support, honest and professional relationship with our experts, that can help you during the entire process of delivering the right title and edition.
  • Consulting and preparing a list of titles in a particular area.
  • Facilitating your efforts in the process of ordering and delivering of the needed title.
  • Preferential prices, terms and discounts.
  • Preparing a customized offer according to your interests and needs.
  • Fast delivery:
    • for every book in stock – in the next 2 working days for Bulgaria;
    • for every book, that is not currently in stock – up to 10 working days for Bulgaria.
  • Higher security for your order.
  • Guarantee for the perfect condition of every delivered book or anatomical model.


For libraries we offer the following products and services:

Delivering books

  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Newspaper and magazine's subscription
  • Free MARC records for every delivered book
  • Fast and free delivery for every part of Bulgaria
  • Preparing lists of books on different subjects for free

Library software

  • Incorporating collection management system for libraries - Qulto
  • Organizing and facilitating the workflows in the library
  • Software monitoring and support 24/7
  • OPAC solutions
  • Digital repository
  • Digitization solutions

RFID technologies

  • Designing, delivery and assembly of RFID systems
  • Security gates
  • Automatic book return systems
  • Automatic inventory
  • Self-serving desks
  • RFID tags for facilitating the work with books and patrons

Archive storage

  • Boxes for storing archive documents
  • Boxes for photographs, slides and other kinds of images
  • Boxes for storing museum artefacts
  • Producing boxes on demand
  • All boxes have quality certification
  • No-acid technology

We can cooperate with the building of entirely new libraries, turning them into modern science centers. We will accomplish that with quality professional equipment, such as: movable and stationary shelves, library shelf systems, archive carts, chairs, desks, book cleaning machines and others.