About Academic Books and our online bookstore



Academic Books' online bookstore, part of Level Up Ltd., was founded in 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since the beginning the aim of our team has been to introduce the most recent and versatile academic literature in foreign languages to the Bulgarian market. This way we are trying to make every single book available for students, specialists, and everyone else who wishes to learn and improve their skills.

We started with just a few key books in the area of medicine and law, and since then we have expanded our horizons. The experience we gathered from all these years, the strict compliance of our commitments, the loyal attitude towards our customers and our corporate values are the basics on which our business is built and the reason we are still in great working relationships with our clients, among which are many university libraries, hospitals, regional libraries, pharmaceutical companies, university teachers, specialists, and students. Considering their needs and the latest publishing tendencies we carefully pick every book we offer.

We are European-like organized and have a modern vision - businesslike with our own character and atmosphere. Academicbooks.bg is a member of  Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA).


Our corporate values:

Accountability – We remain responsive to the demands of the government and our stakeholders. Our company is environmentally conscious and we require the same from our partners;

Efficiency – To be focused on our core activities i.e. to connect individuals to knowledge. We consider our efficiency and ability to prioritize to be one of the essential components that lead to client's satisfaction;

Collaboration – Working together with all our partners to achieve the best possible result. We consider collaboration to be the key to attaining highest level of customer satisfaction;

Commitment - Dedication to offer our clients the products and service they demand. We strongly believe that keeping one’s promises is the cornerstone to success;

Communication – We consider open, personal and honest communication to be an integral part of our business. We believe that integrity requires willingness to consider another party’s perspective;

Innovation – We constantly strive to improve our processes, skills and knowledge. For us, being proactive is one of the elements that sets companies apart. 


To fully satisfy the need for current and trustworthy information we work with some of the biggest publishing houses worldwide, such as Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Palgrave Macmillan, Pearson, Oxford University Press, Wiley, Springer and many more.

As an official distributor we are keeping up with all the innovation in the publishing business. We offer a wide-range selection of books for your personal scientific needs and interests. We can distribute any book from any publishing house in the world to you.



Fulfilling our responsible and serious task - to distribute quality literature on the Bulgarian market, we have the pleasure of working with many corporate clients.

To make the access to quality literature easier we are working hard to give the best commercial terms. Apart from the preferential prices for traders, preparing catalogue lists compliant with the specific needs of books stores and book traders, we also offer distribution based on consignation, and buyback of unsuccessfully realized books.

For our new partners we can offer trainings, and creating special catalogue list for their specific target audience, as well as discounts for some best-selling books, and many more services.



Our team works with individual orders, as well as with corporate clients. Due to the fact that we are an official distributor of some of the biggest  publishing houses worldwide, we have the pleasure of working with university teachers, researchers, specialists and students in different areas of science, and with people who wish to improve their knowledge and learn.

You can count on assistance from us if you are having troubles finding the book you need in our online catalogue or if you need some additional literature and materials on a specific topic, but you do not know the titles. Our team will help you by finding the best books for you.



  • Preferential prices, terms and discounts.
  • Creating book lists and preparing an individualized offer, according to your own personal interests and needs.
  • Quick, accurate and complete answer to your questions and requests.
  • Professional attitude from our experts, who are capable to help you quickly during the entire process of delivering your order.
  • Quick delivery:
    • for every book we have in stock – up to 24 hours everywhere in Bulgaria;
    • for every book we do not have available at the moment - up to 15 working days, everywhere in Bulgaria.
  • Guarantee for the perfect condition of every delivered product.
  • We also offer the service "Cash-on-delivery" by which first you can check the products in your order and then pay for them.
  • Making periodic reports and analytics about your orders.
  • Information about the latest and most current literature in different areas of science.
  • We are always open for discussions and we respect your opinions and advice. You can contact us via e-mail or by telephone.


The online bookstore AcademicBooks.bg is part of Level Up Ltd., seated:

12G Stefan Karadja str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Bulstat: 201912261

VAT Number: BG201912261

You can find us on these telephone numbers: 02 408 4004.

We will be expecting your suggestions, comments and questions at our e-mail: info@academicbooks.bg.


Academic Books' Team