As a distributor of academic literature we have the pleasure of working with lecturers, teachers and professors from universities, colleges and other educational institutions in Bulgaria. We offer access to the titles in their field, that have been published worldwide, as well as information about the new and promotional titles. We also prepare detailed lists and catalogues on specific subjects and in specific areas, that our clients have interests in. We offer the opportunity to make an informed decision about certain titles that could be of use among the huge amount of books that are published every year worldwide. We can also assist with integrating textbooks in the educational process.

Preferential prices

To lecturers and teachers in universities and other educational institutions we can offer special preferential prices and terms. If you are interested in a certain title or in a certain area of studies we can prepare a personalized offer, as well as make a list of suitable books. We can also provide information about new and promotional titles.

Preparation of bibliography

We can prepare lists and catalogues of books on a certain subject or in a specific area. We include titles published by all the big academic publishers in the world, that could be of interest. We can provide information about the newest and the most respected titles in an area of studies, that could help in the academic work of our clients.

Textbook integration in the educational process

We can assist in the integration of textbooks in the educational process by offering promotional prices and, in some cases, free copies. We can also provide access to additional resources such as the information in the textbook in a digital form, additional visual materials, and presentations on the chapters of the book. This could be of a great help in the academic work.

Contact us

If you are a lecturer, teacher, professor you can contact us at for more information and all kinds of requests. We would be happy to work with you!